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Last Updated: Dec 08, 2017 09:56AM ACDT


The AccountKit FAQ seeks to cover all sorts of questions that you may have when trying to make the decision whether to take the leap into AccountKit.

We already have too many apps that we’re paying and logging into and various websites that we use on a day to day basis, why do we need to further complicate our life with yet another login and cost?

Great question! This is the primary reason for AccountKit – we too were sick of having so many logins and places that we're trying to action various parts of our business life. So we’ve started with focusing on the pain points in our business to collate the tools we were using between Excel, practice manager software and a variety of websites and bringing them all under one banner. Then by integrating with other like minding businesses like Xero, we’re able to streamline various other parts of our administration and client work.


Who is AccountKit designed for?

While we’d love to cater for all businesses and Xero lovers, at the moment, we’ve specifically designed AccountKit for accountants and bookkeepers to help streamline their day to day tasks, and to add value to the services that they’re currently offering their clients.


What can we expect to pay as a practice?

Check out our pricing tiers. We price based on the number of entities registered to AccountKit – You can have as many users as you like, the pricing scales so that the more clients you take on the price per client drops by tier – we believe you’ll find that the pricing is very reasonable especially when you consider the efficiencies it will to bring to your business.


Is there a free trial?

Glad you asked! We offer a free 30 day trial for you to explore AccountKit before deciding if it’s right for you and your business. We’re absolutely convinced that you’ll love our software as much as we do, but in case you don’t, there’s no requirement to enter your credit card details until the trial period is over. To take advantage of this, click on the “Free Trial” link from our homepage or click here where you’ll be redirected to our signup page.


How do we find the time to implement AccountKit?

The implementation when paired with Xero Practice Manager is extremely quick and easy. There’s a little more work if you’re not on XPM, but it is a good chance to clean up your client database if you’re exporting out of another piece of Practice Management Software. See the Getting Started Guide to see how easy it is.


Do I have to use Xero Practice Manager or Xero to use AccountKit?

Not at all – you can still get great benefit in using AccountKit to streamline various elements of your practice. You just won’t get the absolute best out of it as you miss some key efficiencies to be gained by sharing of client data stored within XPM and your Xero files. You really should take the leap sometime soon.


Does AccountKit integrate with any other Practice Management Software?

Not directly (at least, not yet) – you can use other practice management software, you’ll just miss some of the key efficiencies you can get through the supported integrations. See the various other questions for more information. We may support other platforms in the future, but presently Xero aligns perfectly with our own broader Strategy and ethos for supporting small business.


Our Practice is 100% in the cloud. Do you integrate with any Document Management Systems (DMS)?

Yes! We sure do. Currently we have the following intergrations with DMS:

  • DropBox
  • GoogleDrive
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • Suitefiles
  • Nimbus (Coming Soon)


Can I get someone to assist with our setup?

We believe the setup process is so simple however it can become time consuming. On request our team will set up you account for you so all you will have to do is log in a start using. Currently this service is free of charge so contact and our team will be in touch with the next step. 


Why does the cost of AccountKit vary per region?

This isn't an issue currently, but we’ll certainly aim to keep our costs comparative between regions. Ultimately though it all comes down to the level of support and investment required to cater for that particular region.


Where is our client data stored?

Presently your data is stored in an undisclosed Amazon Server location in Sydney. For data protection at times your data may be stored in other data centres and as we expand we will always seek to keep data stored within your particular country pending pricing and security considerations.


I’m not entirely comfortable with storing my data in the cloud, is it safe?

From a security point of view, it’s probably safer in the cloud. The enterprise security and built in redundancy with the Amazon servers is way ahead of the firewalls and security we could ever hope to setup and maintain within our practices.


What devices will AccountKit work on?

The beauty of being a browser based program, is that we’ll work on any device that has a web browser on it. The catch is, that we’ve optimised viewing for ordinary computer screens down to iPad sized screens. Anything less than this and you may find that it’s not entirely useable. If there’s sufficient demand we’ll certainly investigate the options for making it more useable on smaller screens.


Will AccountKit work in my country?

The software should be relatively country agnostic, but a majority of our initial clients and testing has been done win Australia and New Zealand. If outside of these regions, we would welcome your signing up for a trial and sending through any feedback to improve AccountKit in your region.


What do I do if I get stuck?

Every page has a “Help for this page’ – this is your first port of call that should answer most of your questions. Failing that you can submit a query to us at where we’ll get back to you within 24 - 48 hours.


What happens if my internet goes down?

At this point, not much unfortunately. Your data is all safe and sound, you just won’t be able to do any work. The reality is, you won’t be able to access any of your accounting software, so kick back and take a moment to take a breath from your busy life and go for a walk or head out and have a coffee with your colleagues. Life isn’t just about work, it’s also about the relationships and connections we foster. But enough philosophy, that’s a topic for another day.

I wouldn’t mind seeing AccountKit in action, is there anyone locally we could visit to see it being used in situ?

Great News! We now host weekly webinars that demonstrate AccountKits Tools in action. Further to that if you would like a demonstration using your own practice Data we can screenshare and with your permission take control of your PC and demonstrate from there. Alternatively please swing by one of our booths at the various Xero Roadshows or the next Xerocon for a personal demo by one of our friendly staff.

This is all looking pretty amazing… Where to from here?

Connect with us - Sign up for a trial or send us an email at so we can talk you through any queries or concerns you may have. Then head on over to our Getting Started Guide and the various other articles in our help system. Most importantly, sign up for the free trial and have you and your staff play around with it for the next month – then if you’re loving the experience as we hope you will, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join the AccountKit community where we’ll gladly welcome you to the fold.

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